A Frame Apart

Episode 2 – Independence Day VS. San Andreas


On this week’s episode of A Frame Apart, Ariel and Bob face off Independence Day versus San Andreas, taking a loving look at the disaster flicks of yore, a genre they both have an unhealthy affection for. Through these, they discuss the benefits of practical special effects, the pitfalls of too much CGI, and the dreaded Phantom Camera Syndrome (also known as PCS). They then dive into a discussion of the latest installment in the ID4 franchise, Independence Day: Resurgence, a topic on which they have many, many opinions. From the film that proved floppy discs could save the world, to the film where the Rock saves his family from the San Andreas fault, and the “resurgence” that just couldn’t resurge, tune in to find out how every film is just a frame apart!

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