On a brand-new episode of See You Next Wednesday, we’re talking about the hotly anticipated meta-superhero film Deadpool. Will Casey and Greg fall for the juvenile jokester that is Ryan Reynolds in the titular role, or will they be turned off by a potentially barrel-scraping premise? Find out, this week! Then, gasp in horror as Dan sits through the most disgusting family movie The Adventures of Food Boy! Those with an aversion to mustard need not apply. Finally, the losers have to endure and discuss Nick Lachey‘s album for Fischer Price, A Father’s Lullaby.

But first, we’ve got plenty of movies to catch up with and trailer-teasers to discuss – including Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Stay Tuned, Sex & The City 2, Signs, Carnage, Narrow Margin, Dead-Bang and so much more!

Show Notes:

  • Star Wars 8 & Ghostbusters Teaser Trailers (1:58)
  • Greg & Athena Watched Signs (5:16)
  • Casey Watched Tons o’ Comedy Specials! (11:25)
  • Dan Double Featured Hyams’ Narrow Margin & Stay Tuned (19:16)
  • Greg Reviews Montage of Heck (23:20)
  • Casey Reviews Carnage (31:39)
  • Dan Reviews Dead-Bang (34:51)
  • Greg Watched Sex & The City 2 (41:10)
  • Film Roulette Begins (54:28)
  • Deadpool Review (55:38)
  • The Adventures of Food Boy Review (1:10:48)
  • Nick Lachey‘s A Father Lullaby Review & Punishment Album Reveal (1:21:04)
  • Roll: The Witch vs. The Coven (1:26:50)

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