Welcome to the first ever episode of Random Game Roulette; the show where I load up ITCH.IO and use the game randomizer to give me a completely unexpected game. Some of these will (hopefully) be good, and some will likely be bizarre creations. Either way, it’ll be fun.

Since this is the first episode and all, you can expect a ton of errors and incorrect information. For starters, I lost almost all of my Drifter footage thanks to choppy framerate on my capture software. Then, to add insult to injury, I pronounced and wrote their company name as SOFTWARE in stead of SOFTWAVE. Oops, sorry! I really dug Drifter so definitely go check out what Softwave are getting up to.

I’m sure all these issues will be ironed out in the future… or not. We’ll see. For now, enjoy the show and give your feedback in the comments below. Thanks!

Games Played:

  1. Sky Crashers by origamihero
  2. Drifter by Softwave
  3. Super Space Raid by Photon Creations

Dan Gorman | @yckmd_