This week on the show, we live-streamed a Q&A answer period – but first, we’ve got everything you know and love in Episode #202.

Greg and Dan rolled Winner’s Choice last week, so they got to see whatever they wanted; the former circled back on a Casey pick and watched the underrated Sisters before letting us know how funny it was, while Dan had a horror itch to scratch, and unfortunately picked The Boy as his film this week. We’ve got reviews of those, plus Casey went and saw Fifty Shades of Black in theaters! Then, we all settle down to separate the artist from the riffs when we try and enjoy the latest offering from Megadeth.

But first, we’re diving into the Cabin Fever remake, news of a Stretch Armstrong Netflix series, the trailer for Nine Lives, and we watched Dope, The Edge, Zodiac, Fallen Angel, Mad Men, The X-Files, and so much more!

Show Notes:

  • Cabin Fever Remake Trailer (1:35)
  • Mama Sequel From Directors of Starry Eyes (4:37)
  • Nine Lives Trailer (6:04)
  • Stretch Armstrong Series From Netflix (9:32)
  • Greg Watched Some X-Files! (11:04)
  • Casey Watches More Mad Men! (14:32)
  • Cameron Crowe’s Singles (19:22)
  • The Breakfast Club & Dope (22:52)
  • Dan Watched The Edge! (29:32)
  • Casey Finally Watched Zodiac! (32:22)
  • Fallen Angel (1981) (36:43)
  • Film Roulette Begins (43:02)
  • SISTERS Review (43:47)
  • THE BOY Review (47:52)
  • FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK Review (59:08)
  • Punishment Album: Megadeth’s Dystopia & Reveal (1:04:56)
  • Q&A Session With The Live Stream!

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