This week on a brand-new episode of See You Next Wednesday: Casey and Dan witness a Trainwreck – and then go check out the latest rom-com from Judd Apatow written and starring Amy Schumer. Is this Amy’s launching pad to Hollywood stardom, or does Judd get his improvisational grubby hands all over the film? We found out! Then, Greg has a trainwreck all of his own when he has to watch Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser on Crackle.

Then we discuss Snoop Dogg‘s foray into funk with his album Bush.

All this plus movie news, talk of The Legend of Billie Jean, My Name is Earl, Clueless, Jaws 2, Sharknado 2, Patriot Games and more in the Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee. Also, we try and call an internet scammer live on air to figure out why they’ve duplicated our content as their own! Will they pick up, or will it be a boring busy signal? Find out!

Finally, Dan tells us of shocking revelations in our weekly Beverly Hills, 90210 segment 9021Oh Yeah Relay!

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