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Episode 19 – X-Men: Days of Future Past

so many mutants

If we got a big red X on our first season, it was the total lack of discussion of one of the founding franchises of the modern superhero era: The X-Men. Well, it’s time to rectify, cuz Alia has questions! Like: Who’s the Flash? Why do superheroes look so good naked? And why can’t you have a diminutive Canadian lesbian as the main character of an X-Men film?

Matt supplies some answers as we dive deep on two generations of mutant superheroes with Bryan Singer’s 2014 return to the comic book franchise that started it all: X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

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  • Robert Reineke

    I’m surprised Matt passed up the opportunity to further confuse Alia by not bringing up Grant Gustin’s show.

    Reply to Robert Reineke
  • Matthew Fabb

    Awesome episode!

    One thing that I’m surprised that you guys didn’t tackle was the “Rogue edition” of X-men: Days of Future Past that came out a few weeks ago. That’s the version that adds an extra 17 minutes of footage that they cut out to streamline the theatre version, including future Magneto & Charles Xavier going to rescue Roge. Apparently their rescue scene is cut together with 1970’s Wolverine, Xavier and Quicksilver rescuing Magneto. Even Scarlet Witch gets a reference although no screen time in this version.

    I haven’t seen it yet and was curious on your take on the new version.

    Reply to Matthew Fabb

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