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Episode 159 – Furious 7 & Superfast!


This week on See You Next WednesdayCasey and Dan get furiously fast when they check out Furious 7, while Greg gets super-bored watching the Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer spoof of The Fast and Furious series, Superfast! Then they relive the 13 shitty tracks of the 50 First Dates Soundtrack, which features reggae-style covers of popular 80s tunes.

In the series premiere of our 9021Oh Yeah Relay! segment, Dan takes us through the Season 3 premier of Beverly Hills, 90120. Will Dylan and Brenda get caught sneaking around? How does Steve handle working at the Peach Pit? Does anyone really care? Find out!

But first, we get spoiler-y and discuss more of the HBO documentary series The Jinx (and its ethics), talk about the possibility of a Paul Feig directed Play-Doh film, jump into the new Netflix series Bloodline, talk about our favourite moments from the Michael Keaton Saturday Night Live! episode, re-visit Poltergeist III quickly, and much more!

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