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Episode 11 – Superman Returns

Superman Returns

Warner Brothers followed their successful 2005 Batman revitalization with another major superhero relaunch, this time turning the keys to the kingdom over to Bryan Singer, who confused the hell out of Alia. Now she’s wondering: were there other ones in between? Why doesn’t jurisprudence work on Lex Luthor? And why is James Marsden always on the receiving end of a cuckolding?

It’s a tale of broken hearts featuring the Man of Steel as we crack open one of the most beautiful failures in the genre, Bryan Singer’s 2006 nostalgia piece, SUPERMAN RETURNS.

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  • SuperZeroCast

    KathrynRosaMiller Thanks Kathryn, glad you enjoyed it! We get into the politics of Cap a little bit in our Winter Soldier episode, let us know what you think.

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  • KathrynRosaMiller

    I really enjoyed this, and I love the podcast. I happened to catch part of Superman Returns on telly the other day so stumbling across this was perfect timing. I’ll have to go back and give it a proper watch now.

    I’m looking forward to your Winter Soldier podcast, it’s my favourite MCU film yet but moreover I think it’s the most interesting in terms of politics and theme. I can’t decide whether it enforces the superheroes-are-right-wing status quo or subverts it (I know the political themes are not your focus, but just having any sense of political ambivalence makes it a bit more interesting than many superhero flicks in my view). I certainly think it makes an interesting counterpart to Man Of Steel. Anyhow, looking forward to it and all other upcoming shows! Thanks for putting this out there.

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  • tederick

    alia_138 If the tweeting of Super Zero ain’t my bidness I literally don’t know what is.

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  • alia_138

    tederick Mindyabidness.

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  • tederick

    alia_138 Inspired tweet.

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