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Episode 158 – It Follows & Murder By Numbers


This week on Episode 158 of See You Next Wednesday: Greg and Dan follow the hugely buzzed-about and hyped horror film It Follows from director David Robert Mitchell into theaters to find out if this film is all that people are saying it is.

Then, Casey does his math and shows his work when reviewing the oft-forgotten and completely convoluted Netflix pick Murder By Numbers. 

How bad could it be? He’s got the scoop on that film, before handing off Jack Johnson‘s soundtrack to the Curious George film to Greg and Dan. Which one of them will explode with anger at this mellow surfer dude’s take on banal children’s music? Listen in to find out!

All of that, plus reviews of Little Shop of Horrors, American Sniper, Escape from Alcatraz, Gran Torino, The Kingsman, The Jinx, and discussion around the latest Mad Max Fury Road, The D-Train, and Slow West trailers, as well as news talk and so much more! 

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