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Episode 143 – Big Hero 6, This Is Where I Leave You & Christmas Spirit


On Episode 143 of See You Next Wednesday, Dan sees Big Hero 6, a Iron Giant-esque Marvel adaptation from Disney featuring the adorable Beymax medic-robot. Then, Casey gets downright dysfunctional when he pairs The Skeleton Twins with Shawn Levy’s This Is Where I Leave You. How do both stack up when viewed together? Listen in for his take on both flicks!

Finally, Greg gets into the holiday spirit when he checks out David DeCouteau‘s low budget family disaster Christmas Spirit. Was this film shot in DeCoteau’s house again? Why was it re-titled A Christmas Puppy for Netflix? Find out, today!

Plus, two of us suffer through Punk Goes Christmas from Fearless Records thanks to last week’s punishment.

All of this, plus we dig into some trailers for White God, Terminator: Genesys and San Andreas while taking plenty of detours to discuss some Christmas flicks, disaster flicks, and so much more!

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  • Brian VonSoffel

    TV Dad Cage Match is even funnier than usual when it involves Andy Taylor going on a shooting spree because they did this big thing in the show about how he was the “Sheriff without a gun”, and always talked everything out. It is like he went insane and homicidal at some point after he stopped being Sheriff because he was nice for so long.

    Reply to Brian VonSoffel
  • Brian VonSoffel

    Doug Loves Movies makes me think of the Olsen twins whenever I hear about “The Skeleton Twins” now.

    Reply to Brian VonSoffel

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