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Episode 132 – A Walk Among The Tombstones & Dr. Cabbie


In the latest episode of See You Next Wednesday, the discussion starts with some quick reviews of Haunt, Seeking a Friend For The End Of The World, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Then there’s some discussion of the latest True Detective Season 2 casting news, and a lot more.

In Film Roulette, Dan and Casey take a morbid stroll with A Walk Among The Tombstones with Liam Neeson, while Greg gives birth to incredulity with the sitcom-esque Canadian flim Dr. Cabbie. Then we discover the two sides of Menudo: one english, one spanish, both terrible.

All of this, plus another episode recap from Season 2 of Beverly Hills 90210 in 9021Oh Yeah! Relay, and more TV Dad Cage Match action!

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  • modernsuperior

    tederick Haha, thanks for the fun facts! I’ll make a note to bring them up next week. Always up for hearing any insightful things about that review, too!

    Reply to modernsuperior
  • tederick

    I had a bunch of insightful things to say about your review of Walk Among the Tombstones but then I got to the 90210 part and so obviously now that’s all I’m interested in talking about.

    90210 FUN FACT!! For seasons 2 and 3, Fox commissioned a half dozen “summer” episodes to keep the party rolling ALL SUMMER LOOOOOOOOOOOONG. Which is why Beach Blanket Brandon exists, along with the next 4-6 episodes or something. So no, confused students were NOT watching these episodes in the early days of September and wishing for a summer getaway similar to that of Brandon’s, Kelly’s, and the gang’s! Besides, those students were too busy experimenting with what they could put in their peach pits.

    Sincerely, A Fan.

    Reply to tederick

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