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Episode 127 – The Expendables 3 & Death Ring


We’ve got listener shout-outs and a nice, big selection of Star Wars news to get through today, just before Greg and Casey expend the maximum amount of suspension of disbelief when they tackle The Expendables 3 in theaters this week. Then, Dan steps in the ring to square off against many famous people(‘s brothers) when he watches the direct-to-video action flick Death Ring.

Then, they crush some major P(aul Simon songs) when they report on 1983’s underrated Hearts and Bones.

All this, plus classic SYNW segments such as The King Ring9021Oh Yeah! CornerTV Dad Cage Match and more!

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  • kkhaos38

    Thank you.

    Reply to kkhaos38
  • modernsuperior

    kkhaos38 Written and performed by Casey himself – I’ll look into it for you!

    Reply to modernsuperior
  • kkhaos38

    I love the theme to “T.v. Dad Cage Match”. Where can I download that at? Or is “The Band” against that sort of thing.

    Reply to kkhaos38
  • Joseph J. Finn

    I’m not claiming it’s great; but my memory of it is pretty positive.

    Reply to Joseph J. Finn
  • See You Next Wednesday

    I saw that it was on Netflix and considered giving it a whirl – maybe I will!

    Reply to See You Next Wednesday
  • Joseph J. Finn

    Weird thing? The Golden Years is actually a pretty decent miniseries.

    Reply to Joseph J. Finn

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