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Episode 122 – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes & Begin Again

Greg and Casey bear witness to monkey – or is it ape? – revolution when they check out Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Meanwhile Dan learns all about the marvels of the music industry with Begin Again – from the director of Once.

Then we pull a shitty album out of our hats when we discuss Magic!‘s debut album, Don’t Kill The Magic.

All this plus classic SYNW segments like 9021Oh Yeah! Relay recap, TV Dad Cage MatchThe King Ring welcomes Parts I and II of The Stand and more!

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  • kkhaos38

    That’s the same reason the 1st Beavis and ButtHead video tapes and DVDs didn’t have them watching videos.

    Reply to kkhaos38
  • tederick

    modernsuperior tederick Yeah there are a few instances of the original tracks in place (that I’ve found), but not many. It’s amazing how completely it puts the show’s goofy factor over the top, too. Not that that takes much work, I guess.

    Reply to tederick
  • modernsuperior

    tederick Yeah, that totally makes sense! Although, I guess they had the money for some of the smaller(ish) acts, because as I’ve mentioned before they totally used The Vandals in an early episode of Season 1! 

    Interesting topic too, sense you guys bring that up on the new MAMO too about shows getting released without the original tunes. The DVDs of Daria had that issue, where all the music has been changed to generic sounding stuff. Ditto for Mission Hill, which sucks too, though that show didn’t rely on licensed music quite as much as Daria so it’s less of a major issue.

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  • tederick

    Important note for the SYNPO-guys. A lot of the music on 90210 got replaced for the online/DVD versions because of the licensing costs. So, probably, in the original episode whatever song David Silver was dedicating to Brandon was not actually a slow-jazz version of the 90210 theme. Although I kind of wish it was.

    They actually used to have a fairly high music budget for the series and used top 40 stuff all the time on the show. I’m fairly sure Brenda’s obsessive replaying of “Losing My Religion” in season 2 has been replaced by a slow-jazz version of the 90210 theme. #themoreyouknow

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  • See You Next Wednesday

    Ha, oh boy. Greg needs to listen to this, for sure.

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