Super Zero

Episode 26 – Darkman


Die, Darkman, die! Is what we would be yelling if we didn’t like this movie so much. It’s Matt’s first time watching Sam Raimi’s non-comic-book movie, and he has questions, like: did the dark man write his own movie (in disguise)? What’s up with bone structure? And what is the Matthew Price Bonersode? 

It’s time to fuse the Universal monsters into a superhero by way of the 1990 extravaganza, DARKMAN!

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  • Matthew Price

    I’m back to being excited because I just got name checked and I am responsible for next week’s episode and OH MAN I can’t wait for the Phantom episode

    Reply to Matthew Price
  • Matthew Price

    Based on the episode description I got unreasonably excited for a second there that you were going to include the sequels

    Reply to Matthew Price

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