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Episode 24 – Hulk VS. The Incredible Hulk


Who’s the best Hulk? Well, we already know the answer to that, it’s Mark Ruffalo (the fluffy buffalo). But if we were to cast our eyes back to a pre-Avengers world, in which Marvel and their partners just kept trying to make the Hulk work as a comic book superhero property, what would we get? 

It’s the first Super Zero showdown as we pit Norton vs. Bana, Lee vs. Leterrier, and Incredible vs. Hulk as we look at Ang Lee’s HULK and Louis Leterrier’s INCREDIBLE HULK!

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  • Matthew Fabb

    I’m surprised that with the episode delayed a week, that you didn’t bring up the new announcement from Marvel. That they are launching a new Hulk title, where Bruce Banner has been cured and is no longer the Hulk. Instead Amadeus Cho who has been a regular secondary character in the Hulk for some time and is a Korean-American is now the Hulk. Also the title will be called Totally Awesome Hulk as it becomes more of a power fantasy rather than Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

    I think making Hulk a power fantasy takes away a very core piece of the character, but it’s still nice to see the diversification of Marvel Comics. It also remains to be seen if these versions of the characters will make it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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