Super Zero

Episode 14 – Guardians of the Galaxy


Grab your Groots and launch your Rockets, it’s go time! We dig into the smash success that proved Marvel Studios could do no wrong, except for its ability to confuse Alia with its numerous characters and situations and glowing magic rocks. What do you do after you control the universe? Can the power of friendship save planets? And why is Disney afraid of girl merch?

Matt has answers, plus we prepare for the endgame of Super Zero Phase One and provide the scientific rationalist case for why Thanos might actually exist. It’s an Awesome Mix of James Gunn’s 2014 blockbuster, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

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  • AllanMcPherson

    Guardians had a lot of comparison to Star Wars but, to me, reminded me more of the Corman SWs knock offs (like Battle Beyond the Stars).  In so far as it just grabbed the mane of that wild pony called “crazy” and rode it home.  To be clear GotG is light years better a movie but it was almost like it was a translation of those shlocky Scifi actioners.  As if Battle Beyond the Stars was as good a movie to my forty year old brain as it had been to eight year old brain, if you follow.

    During your talk about the lack of marketing of female Marvel IP a thought crossed my mind…Disney has put much effort and time in locking down the market for their “Princess” machine.  Could there be a sense that Marvels female characters might be a form of brand dilution, working at crossed purposes with the cash cow they are currently enjoying?  In other words Disney has helped define and control what is “normative” play for girls for so long, would they be hesitant to offer up another option?  Mind you Unilever has no problem schilling Axe Body Stank as well as Dove Virtue….

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