Hello Frequent Flyers, and welcome aboard our summertime service. With your Flight Crew away on top secret missions, we have decided to cultivate a selection of picks for you when the heat of the day overwhelms your poor burnt skin, and you decide to duck inside.  Sit down, get sorted with a nice cold drink and stay tuned!


Summer Special Episode One: The Flying Dutchman


Mythology, Australia? The Dutchman goes for both in her summer pick!
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Summer Special Episode Two: Vector


Gilmore Girls, Teen Wolf, and some killer reads with Vector
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Summer Special Episode Three: Steely-Eyed Missile Man


Preacher, East of West, Papergirls, and The Wicked and the Divine – meet your new gods with Justin
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Summer Special Episode Four: Fearless Flyer


Hamilton, Star-crossed, Lumberjanes and more – Summer camp never felt so right
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Summer Special Episode Five: Stowaway


What does Gotham and Bob Ross have in common? Other than a super obscure cross-over somewhere? Our Stowaway loves both!
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Stay tuned as we will be releasing new Radar picks weekly in the next few weeks.
Have a Safe Flight!

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