ba28b887fccc487787fede98c1c5ef0aWell, folks, TIFF is over, and Toronto’s film community has spent the last week recuperating from the onslaught of cinema. So this week, we bring you an Eat Your Darts episode. Yes, it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming while Ariel admits to never having seen the entirety of the original Godzilla (1954). So come with us as we revisit this cinematic classic from the legendary Ishiro Honda, the Kaiju film that started it all.

A new podcast has joined the Modern Superior family, and we couldn’t be happier to mention them n this week’s episode. Changing Reels, hosted by Courtney Small and Andrew Hathaway, is a bi-weekly podcast that’s creating a new canon of cinema with a focus on diversity in filmmaking, both in front and behind the camera. Every episode they look at two short films and one feature film they feel should be part of this new canon. You can find them on SoundCloud and iTunes!

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