A Frame Apart Episode 87 - The Before Trilogy | Modern Superior

This week, Bob and Ariel put themselves in the shoes of Jesse and Celine as they wander through Vienna, Paris, and the Greek Peloponnese peninsula.  Together, they dig deep into each film, from the blossoming romance of a sunrise, through the fire of a red sunset, to ask the important question of what happens after the sun goes down? So hop off the train, meet us at Shakespeare and Company, and join us as we venture through Richard Linklater’s Before Trilogy.

We start the episode off with a review of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s latest venture, The Endless! If you haven’t seen it yet, go rent their first film, Resolution, then check out The Endless. Trust us – you’ll thank us later! And stay tuned for a special interview with the filmmakers from Toronto After Dark 2017.

Next week we begin … MARVEL MAY-HEM! That’s right, an entire month going through the entire MCU up to date. We start the month with a hard look at Phase One, and wind everything down with a spoiler-laden look at Infinity War. So you have a month! You’ve been warned.



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