A Frame Apart Episode 86 - Dollman, Demonic Toys, and Dollman VS Demonic Toys! | Modern Superior


Here at A Frame Apart, we take serious content seriously. So, naturally, we went from the austere absurdity of A Serious Man to the pure, unadulterated absurdity of DollmanDemonic Toys, AND DOLLMAN VERSUS DEMONIC TOYS! In a pseudo-first-to-last episode, we sat down and tackled all three of these special Full Moon features, practically back to back. So tune in for what should have been a short and sweet look at some ridiculous fun that turned into a doozy of an episode at nearly two hours long!

At the top of the show we look at some new trailers, including, but not limited to, The Incredibles 2 and Mary Shelley.

Next week we veer towards a different kind of substance with another short First To Last look at Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy. We will also have some very special content for you as we review Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s latest feature, the certified fresh The Endless, at the top of the episode!

But wait! THERE’S MORE! That’s right, not only will we be talking about The Endless, but we’ll have a supplemental episode for you, too. Back in October at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival we sat down with Justin and Aaron for our first interview for the show. So tune in next week for all this fantastic content, and why it’s so appropriate that it’s while we’re discussing Richard Linklater’s phenomenal trilogy.

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