A Frame Apart Episode 71 - First to Last: JAWS | Modern Superior

“‘Tis a fine barn, but ’tis no shark, English.”


As has become our tradition here at A Frame Apart, we’re ending the year with a Spielbergian First to Last. Where last year we went through the entire Jurassic Park franchise, this year we’re aiming a little lower. We’re going First to Last on the entire JAWS franchise! Just in case you missed it, we went through the first JAWS very thoroughly alongside Gone with the Wind as we took a look at the dawn and rebirth of the Blockbuster back in July. As such, we go a little lighter on the first JAWS, paying particularly special attention to JAWS 2 through 4: The Revenge, in which one of Bruce’s descendants follows the Brody family to Barbados in an attempt to exact its revenge for the events of the first film. Yes, you read that correctly. So hop aboard the Orca, grab your harpoon gun with those city hands of yours, and join us as we hunt down that Great White beast.

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