A Frame Apart Episode 48 - Gone with the Wind VS Jaws | Modern Superior

Summer is in full swing, which can only mean one thing! Well, ok, it can mean many things. But in the movie world it means it’s that time of year for the onslaught of bombastic blockbusters! To start the summer off right we thought we’d look at the two big bad granddaddies of the blockbuster phenomenon, Gone with the Wind and Jaws! That’s right, it’s the Confederates versus Bruce almighty on this week’s episode, in which we discuss the history of the blockbuster, the legend of Gone with the Wind‘s legacy, and the indelible impact of Jaws on the way we consume film today. And, you know, never ever ever wanting to go in the water again. That old chestnut. So grab your beach towel, hop on a bigger boat, and meet us at Tara as we break down what makes the blockbuster block-tastic!

At the top of the episode, Bob gives his two cents worth on Edgar Wright’s latest, the widely beloved Baby Driver. Be sure to check out Ariel’s guest appearance on Ryan McNeil’s the Matinee Cast this Monday, July 11th. The two are discussing Sophia Coppola’s latest endeavour, the controversial and divisive remake of The Beguiled. And mark your calendars! Ariel’s new podcast, After All: A Mary Tyler Moore Podcast, will be coming to Modern Superior and iTunes September 19th! Tune in to find out all the details.

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