After All Episode 22 - A Friend In Deed | Modern Superior


The new receptionist at WJM-TV is a “friend” from Mary’s past; a sweet-as-pie woman named Twinks that Mary went to camp with … 18 years ago! They haven’t seen each other since. Until now, of course. And Twinks behaves as though not a single day had gone by, putting Mary on the spot to behave like her best friend in the world, and fill in as Maid of Honour at her wedding. Until her real best friend shows up, that is.

As we mosey through the episode, we discuss toxic friendships from our past, and the truth about friendships as adults – they’re hard!

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Only two more episodes left until the end of Season 1! Then it’s reruns until September! Let us know what you thought of the first season, what you’re looking forward to in season 2, and anything else you’d like to share!

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