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Episode 14 – First to Last: Halloween Series

Episode 14 - First to Last: Halloween Series

Trick or Treat! Smell our feet! Give us something good to eat!

Happy Halloween to one and all! In celebration of this grand and wondrous holiday, we at A Frame Apart decided to trace through the entirety of the original Halloween series. That’s right, all 9 films!

“But, guys,” you may say, “there are 8 films in the original Halloween series.” We’re including the producer’s cut of Curse of Michael Myers in our discussion, making this an extra thorough – and extra long – episode. So dress up in your Silver Shamrock masks, and gather around the computer for another First to Last episode of A Frame Apart!

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  • Sean Kelly

    To date, the only films in the original Halloween series I’ve watched are the first two and H20. Of those, I religiously rewatch the original every Halloween and pretend that it’s the only film in the series.

    I’ve also seen both Rob Zombie directed films, which definitely warrant some sort of discussion. My biggest issue with the Halloween reboot is that it spends half the running time on Michael Myer’s backstory and then compacts the entire original film into the second half. At least it’s interesting that Danielle Harris was brought back to the series to play Annie (and that her fate was changed, so she could return for the sequel).

    I actually like Rob Zombie’s Halloween II better, since it ended up going in a more original direction, even if that original direction means having some of the most brutal kills of the series. It also features the perfect use of “Laurie’s Theme” from the original film.

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