jimmy two shoes

Yes, it’s been awhile since you last heard from the Barkeeps… rest assured, Dave and Jeremy are doing just fine.

This DrinkAlong LIVE was recorded in March 2015 at the SoCap Theatre with very special guest Brian Froud. You might know him from his many, many, many voices on cartoons ranging from Jimmy Two-Shoes to Total Drama.

We’re going to try some beer from Double Trouble Brewing and talk video games and The Thermals – all good stuff.

Some notes about the sound… it’s not great, but we’ve done our best to correct that. There was a group of six idiots talking through the start of the show.

Just for future reference, if you’re at a place called the SOCIAL CAPITAL THEATRE you might want to consider not being dicks and talking during a performance. It’s a theatre, not a rec room, you stupid hipster douches. I don’t care if the show you saw prior was an insuferable bore… DrinkAlong is for sitting quietly and enjoying.

Anyway, they leave pretty quickly… but you should stick around and enjoy Dave, Jeremy and Brian.

DrinkAlong, don’t drink alone.

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/drinkalong/Episode_Thirty_Nine_-_DrinkAlong_LIVE_with_Brian_Froud.mp3]

Direct Download: Drink  Along – Episode 39