Welcome to the Video Vengeance Halloween Spooktacular Mixtape of Horrors!
Two hours of the best seasonal channel-surfing you have never actually had – until now!

Hey look, NIGHTMARES is on… that one has some cool segments right? I think I saw in the TV GUIDE that THE UNCANNY would be playing later on tonight, I wonder what that one is all about? I sure could use an ice cold Coors Lite and a Big Mac with some candy on the side though – and does anyone have Halloween safety tips they’d like to share?

This collection of Halloween appropriate commercials, movie segments and more has been presented largely without high-levels of editing, remixing  or twiddling (as in, I am not trying to wring unintentional laughs out of the film segments and would rather you sit back and dig into them straight-up, mixtape style); no, this is more like a block of television dial-spinning designed to theme your evening for about two-hours and change. Feel free to pair with your favourite snacks, a group of your best friends, and a few beers.

I hope you enjoy it!