In what at first appears to be a goof or some kind of SNL fake movie trailer parody but then reveals itself to be a Green Day Song Delivery Service, the trailer for the very real Ordinary World has debuted online today.

Written and directed by Lee Kirk (of The Giant Mechanical Man previously,) the film stars Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong as – what else – an aging punk musician struggling to cope with life after rock; when his wife forgets his 40th birthday, he decides to throw himself a party and invites a bunch of actors who should probably know better – such as Judy Greer, Fred Armison and more.

The only IMDB review out there positively compares the film to Mr. Mom though, but I have a sneaking suspicion from Armstrong’s camera mugging that he is no Michael Keaton.

Ordinary World lands in limited release theaters on October 14th, 2016.

Dan Gorman