“In 48 hours they will be home with their families. There’s only one problem: they’ve crossed the boundary into a territory they don’t belong in. It’s the land of hospitality… unless you don’t belong there!”

With October in full-effect, a backwoods bayou thriller like Walter Hill‘s Southern Comfort might not be on the top of your list of movies to toss on – what with all the tried and true horror movies you’ve got to get around to. Those who have seen the film though, will know why it is a worthy addition to your festive viewing schedule.

When a squad of National Guards running combat training in Louisiana run afoul of some locals, it’s an all-out war of the wits and survival of the fittest in this hard-boiled, tough-as-nails thriller that goes from scary, to exciting, to downright relentless at the drop of a hat. Walter Hill stages the entire picture perfectly with razor-tight moments of suspense peppered throughout. Southern Comfort will have you just as on as on-edge as any classically scary horror movie can – plus, the stacked cast includes Fred Ward, Powers Boothe, Keith Carradine, and more.

So make some room in your yearly viewing traditions to fit in this oft-overlooked film about a much different kind of terror than you may be used to this time of year.