Hey, you. Yeah, you. The one currently air-drumming along to Superchunk‘s “Cast Iron” as you sequence it after Archers of Loaf‘s “Plumbline” on your latest mixtape.

Yeah, put the mixtape down for a second and head on over to Acid Fast‘s Bandcamp page to stream their wonderfully fuzzed out, nostalgia tinged debut Rabid Moon. When a promotional email hits my inbox that contains as many awesome reference-points as Acid Fast’s does (See: the aforementioned bands, Jawbreaker, Teenage Cool Kids, Sourpatch, etc.), you can be certain that I’ll be rushing to check them out.

And I’m thankful I did. Oakland, CA’s Acid Fast play sometimes loud-and-fast, sometimes slow-and-deliberate indie-meets-punk rock with undeniable hooks and male/female vocal harmonies. Allow me to sample a small segment of their bio that I think particularly hits the nail on the head about their sound:

“Rabid Moon truly shines because the band members are masters of restraint, build-up and, most importantly, the payoff. All the bombast of tracks such as opener “Tangle” and “New Paradigm Mind Reading Co.” wouldn’t mean nearly as much if the quartet didn’t know how to squeeze every last ounce of electricity from each note, or the best way to wrangle a song so it resonates long after the record ends.”

And with that, I shall let you enjoy the killer tunes, and maybe you’ll find a track off Rabid Moon that will work between those Superchunk and Loaf tracks you were listening to earlier.