On June 15th, synth-electronic duo A Copy For Collapse will release their brand-new LP Waiting For on No Sense of Place records. We’ve got a premier of “Alone.” the third track off the album – which is their sophomore release.

“Alone” by A Copy For Collapse off Waiting For

The song reveals A Copy For Collapse’s influences immediately – dark synth-stabs and a busy background texture call to mind the best chillwave had to offer, while the 80s dance beat blasts through, making you immediately imagine endless scrolling star-fields and dancing neon laser grids. An incomprehensible vocal line permeates throughout, peppering dream-pop melodies into the song – which otherwise may have felt right at home in one of Kung Fury’s montage sequences.

And the rest of the record ain’t too shabby either – there’s plenty of head-nodding dance-pop tunes on there, and their cribbed reference points never tip too far into shallow imitation. There’s a lot of this 80s-aping electronic music going on right now, but something about A Copy For Collapse’s never feels inauthentic, as is often the case. A Copy For Collapse have also shared the stage with genre heavyweights such as Etienne de Crecy, and have collaborated with dreampop duo Ummagma in the past.

The band has also recently released a music video for their song “No Failure,” which you can check out embedded below:

Here’s some more information on the record, and how to procure it on vinyl coming via the band’s press release:

A Copy For Collapse has released their second full-length LP ‘Waiting For’ via the label No Sense of Place, bringing them closer to indie chill, dance and dreampop territory than ever before.  It is available digitally and on 12” vinyl through the label No Sense of Place.

What are you WAITING FOR? (See what I did there?) Add your thoughts on the song into the comments below! 

Dan Gorman