When I was younger, I distinctly remember telling someone I hated the way music on Sega Genesis sounded because it was too… farty. And in some regards, I wasn’t wrong. As I’ve gotten older though, I realized that it wasn’t so much the Genesis’ technology that made me shy away from their soundtracks, but instead the companies that misused their chips.

Which is why I’ve come to absolutely love the soundtracks to many Genesis games – and often prefer a killer Genesis soundtrack over any other retro console (where I would have probably told you otherwise, years ago.)

To further prove the point, Strafefox on YouTube has published a video (embedded above) explaining just why the console has such an individualistic sound, and how utilizing the console’s two chips makes their music some of the best in the retro gaming industry.

I mean, just one listen to the bass-lines in Flying Battery Zone from Sonic & Knuckles should probably give you an idea of how great the music really can be on this system. And this playlist titled “Top 100 Songs from the Sega Genesis” is a great place for more listening, now that you’re a Genesis convert – just like me.

What’s your favourite Genesis soundtrack? Share them in the comments thread below!

Dan Gorman