dead tired seven inch hamilton ontario band

Hamilton, Ontario’s Dead Tired formed in a bowling alley birthday party, or so the story goes. Here’s the part where I say something like “but don’t expect confetti and cake” or “and their new record really bowled me over!”  Anyway, let’s skip that part so I can tell you that their new seven-inch record (out now, via New Damage records) straight-up shreds.

Featuring members of Black Lungs, Alexisonfire, Protest The Hero and many more, you might go as far to call the Hamilton band a supergroup of sorts; you also might expect to pin down their sound based upon “The Prowler’s” opening salvo of hardcore riffage.  As the song – and the seven-inch that follows – solders on though, Dead Tired prove to be no mere throwback act, as they infuse their pummeling shredded-chord energy with surprising dynamics and detours; “Can’t Shut It Off” alternates between hardcore and metal riff-gymnastics before exploding into a melodic bridge.

It’s all thoroughly satisfying, and at eight minutes long the seven-inch should prove to be the perfect introduction to an extremely exciting band.

Dan Gorman