Do you like beer? Do you like nachos? How about VHS tapes and vintage B-movie madness? Modern Superior Presents: Video Vengeance is a free monthly VHS screening event featuring only the best of the worst movies ever made. From not-so-epic outrageous space battles, to fake killer spiders and Motown tinged martial arts, Video Vengeance brings them all to the big screen via their original release VHS tapes – just like the ones you walked past in the video stores of your youth. Maybe you never worked up the courage to pick MegaForce or The Eliminators off the rack? We’re here to change that.


Join Dan Gorman, Greg LeGros and Casey Lyons at KITCH every month, as we screen only the best of the worst cinema for your viewing enjoyment. The price of admission? Absolutely free. Plus, make sure you show up early for our free raffle – with prizes such as vintage vinyl records, VHS tapes and hand-made shirts – before we unveil a custom made introduction clip-show featuring a bevvy of magnetic clips, bizarre pop-culture detrius and throw-back commercials before the movie.

For event information, confirmation and upcoming screenings, follow Video Vengeance on Facebook.

Previous Films Screened:

December 2013 – Invasion U.S.A.
January 2014 – The Eliminators
February 2014 – Showdown in Little Tokyo
March 2014 – Kingdom of the Spiders
April 2014 – Ninja III: The Domination
May 2014 – The Uncanny
June 2014 – MegaForce
July 2014 – Robo Vampire
August – Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon
September – Never Too Young To Die
October – WACKO (Brought to you by Lunchmeat VHS!)
November – RAGE
December – N/A

2015 Season:
January – Slumber Party Massacre
February – N/A
March – No Holds Barred
April – Bulletproof
May – Cool As Ice
June – Mac & Me
July – Light Blast

Modern Superior Presents: Video Vengeance @ KITCH
Every Month | Arrive by 8:00 | Show Starts at 8:30
229 Geary Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M6H 2C1