Margaret Qualley Kenzo adSpike Jonze is no stranger to the commercial directing game, having helmed ads for Nike, Adidas, The Gap, Ikea (remember that sad little lamp?) among many others. His latest effort, a long-form piece for Kenzo perfume featuring actress/dancer Margaret Qualley (seen most recently in The Nice Guys) sees the actress excusing herself from a social event only to begin dancing like a spectacular maniac. The clip is scored by Jonze’s brother, Sam Spiegel and expertly¬†choreographed by Ryan Heffington (of Sia fame). While a charismatic actor dancing across an elegant back drop is familiar territory for Jonze, it is clearly not territory yet worn out:

Having never seen The Leftovers, The Nice Guys was my first exposure to¬†Qualley’s talent, and while she was perfectly watchable in that film, this commercial, to my mind, cements her as a striking talent worth watching.

Check out Kenzo Perfum’s website here.

Casey Lyons