Hey, Tape Worms!  Improv on Tape was chosen as a “podcast pick of the week” on Splitsider.com last week! Hooray!  As always, your high energy host Richard Feliciano is joined this week by Los Angeles’ Chad Fogland AND OUR VERY FIRST SPECIAL GUEST!  Who will it be? You have to listen to find out!  (Hint:  Her first and last name are Andie Bolt)  The three improvisers discuss the heart warming story of how they all met at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood & then improvise knee-slapping comedy scenes inspired by high school, choreographed ball kicks & 80′s movies.  We’ve also got an awesome track from musician Kevin Burdick!  Now stop reading & click play!  Hurry!  Do it!

Direct Download: improvontape_episode9_themagicpencil.mp3