This week on the podcast, Casey and Dan rolled Winner’s Choice and get to pick their own movies. Dan saw the latest from M. Night Shyamalan SPLIT, while Casey goes to war with Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge. The latter is nominated for some Oscars, but is it worthy? The former has been pitched as a return-to-form for the oft-maligned director – but does its plot contribute to the stigmatization of mental health issues?

Then, Greg heads to the theaters to check out the latest entry in the long-running RING series, with RINGS. This time, they’re high definition! Plus, all three talk about an album by death-metal genre-benders Oathbreaker.

Before any of that, we dive into the new Netflix show The Santa Clarita Diet, Talk some Tark’ with a revisit of the Russian science-fiction classic Solaris, check out some new trailers for a number of upcoming flicks, answer your questions and movie news requests, and so much more!

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