Two Turntables and a Bottle of Wine is Modern Superior’s first all music-based podcast! Follow along as your host – the infinitely talented and knowledgeable Michael Newton – guides you through a new mix of music straight from vinyl, every episode.

There might be a theme, there might be a guest, and there might not be either of those things – but you can bet there will always be great wine paired with off-the-cuff discussion and solid tunes from his record collection!

So plug in your headphones, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get listening!

Winner of “The Wordsmith” Bi-Weekly Podcast Nod! 

awards-wordsmith-two-turntables-and-a-bottle-of-wine“We usually reserve the ‘Wordsmith’ award for narrative shows but there is something wonderfully poetic about the way Michael K Newton talks about, curates and presents his vinyl collection. Each episode we checked out felt like a story he had weaved together with great tunes (as great DJs do). If you’re a vinyl geek, you’ll have a great time, if you aren’t, you’ll likely still have a great time. It is clearly a labour of love and it has a whole lot of personality – definitely worth a listen.

Two Turntables and a Bottle of Wine Episode List

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