Time Bandits is a Toronto based podcast that is a lot like Three Men and a Baby — if Three Men and a Baby had been about three hosts and a guest traveling 25 years back in time to dissect and celebrate pop-culture minutiae.

Hosted by Casey Lyons, Greg LeGros and Dan Gorman from See You Next Wednesday, every other week they travel back in time with a special guest to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of beloved – or not so beloved – pop culture relics.

From failed comedies to botched blockbusters or overstuffed pop albums, we’ll watch or listen to just about anything.

As featured on The A.V. Club:


Time Bandits hinges on our contemporary desire for nostalgia, but the show attempts to tackle the stuff overlooked by anniversary think-pieces. […] The guys successfully contextualize the state of film in 1989 and a have bunch of laughs…” – The A.V. Club

“I think they stand up with the great movie review podcasts like We Hate Movies and How Did This Get Made […] Check them out for obscure strangeness and camp, as well as genuine love for great movies we all grew up with.”Croisquessein via iTunes Review

Season One – 1988 (Episodes #01 to #25)
Season Two – 1989 (Episodes #25 and up)
Season Three – 1990 (Episode #53 and up)

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