It’s Episode Sixty-Six (EP066) of Two Turntables and a Bottle of Wine!

Two things about this episode of the podcast right off the top. Apologies for the sound quality of the first monologue, I was redlining the microphone and not monitoring myself so I didn’t notice until it was too late. It gets fixed after the first block of music.

Secondly, Throughout the entire show I refer to it as ‘Episode 65’. It’s Episode 66. Why I kept referring to it as 65? No idea. Just awful. Amateur.

Anywho, EP066 of the show features an eclectic grab bag of 45’s from my collection.

A few things I mention throughout the show:

Here’s the link to the fundraiser event coming up on August 13th.

I’m DJ’ing again this upcoming Tuesday (August 26th) at The Beaver, 1197 Queen Street West. 11pm onwards. Come say hi if you’re in the neighbourhood.

Our next Smiths / Morrissey night is Sept 03 at Unlovable in Toronto, Ontario. Be there!

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