It’s time for another trip back to 1989, and this time we’re driving the Delorean right on down to Hinkley Hills, where Tom Hanks is having a few problems dealing with his new neighbors in Joe Dante’s The ‘Burbs. A box-office success but a critical failure, how does it hold up?

While we’re there, why not visit Corey Feldman and see what he’s got in his compact disc player? Mayhaps it’s the self-titled debut album from Skid Row? Point your big-ear-guns to Episode 38 for all that, and more.

Our guest on this episode is Kurt Halfyard of Row Three, Twitchand the Cinecast. Be sure to check out his series Kids Talk Film on Twitch, where his kids view films like Alien, Road Warrior, Godzilla and more and weigh in with their post-viewing thoughts.

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