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Episode 36 – Halloween Flicks / Dolls & The Cure / Cloud Atlas & Chasing Mavericks

In an extra spooky Halloween episode of See You Next Wednesday, we talk about some classic Halloween flicks — as well as some overlooked ones. Then we dive into the 25th anniversary of the film Dolls and an album by The Cure. After that, it’s off to the movies to see Cloud Atlas and Chasing Mavericks.

And remember, check out Secret Screening Room and the VHS documentary Adjust Your Tracking!

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  • Dan Gorman

    Ha!! Don’t do what Donnie Don’t does is a classic.

    Reply to Dan Gorman
  • James Cain

    Does every week include a review of a movie where people kidnap other people’s dogs and adventure ensues? Also I swear you were totally about to go all “don’t do what Donnie Don’t does” at one point during that part.

    Reply to James Cain

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