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Episode 97 – Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit & Killing Season

This week the fellas from See You Next Wednesday see if Chris Pine can stand along side the likes of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford – and to a lesser extent Ben Affleck – as he takes on the role of Jack Ryan in this week’s winning film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Then hear about the most interesting points of Killing Season, most of which involve spray painted beards and generic foreign accents. Finally, get trapped in a super weird closet with Greg and Dan as they bear witness to R. Kelly‘s 2005 ‘effort’ TP.3 Reloaded.

All that, plus we talk about Kevin Bacon‘s new show The Following, The Wolf of Wall Street, +1, The Spectacular Now, the upcoming and possibly ill advised John Belushi biopic and much, much more. Join us, won’t you?

Also, make sure you check out Flesh + Blood: The Films of Paul Verhoeven at TIFF Lightbox Theatre from Jan 24th – April 4th. Do it!

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