See You Next Wednesday

Episode 95 – Her & 47 Ronin

On the 95th episode of See You Next Wednesday, two of us went to see the not-too-distant-future romance of Spike Jonze‘s film Her, while Greg dragged himself out to a big-budget bomb starring Keanu Reeves – 47 Ronin.

Plus we have tons of movie-chat off the top, and we’re playing Cereal Swap and hanging out in Airwolf Corner some more.

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  • Deefidicus

    I’m still waiting for Dan’s spinoff solo Podcast: The Bone Zone

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  • Dan Gorman


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  • James Cain

    Dear Gentlemen. I formally request the start of “Dan Gorman Remembers Shitty Bands Corner” where Greg and Casey name bands and Dan makes bizarre noises to capture what he remembers them sounding like.

    Reply to James Cain
  • Deefidicus

    Thanks for the DrinkAlong mention… we‘re blushing.

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