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Episode 78 – Kick Ass 2 & JOBS

We’re kicking ass and taking names this week, as we pummel our way into theaters to check out Kick Ass 2 and JOBS. Does Kick Ass whoop JOBS out of a… job? Or does it fall flat on it’s stupid, moronic and useless fac– I’m sorry, I’m entering into spoiler territory I suppose. Listen in for our in-depth reviews of both films!

Plus, we talk about everything from Cineplex commercials, the 47 Ronin and Don Jon trailers, and much more!

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  • James Cain

    The 3 of you are now on consecutive podcasts (counting Time Bandits Podcast) where you review a sandwich. I hope this is the start of a trend.

    Reply to James Cain
  • Matt Bahen

    Look forward to it!

    Reply to Matt Bahen

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