See You Next Wednesday

Episode 60 – Upstream Color, The Place Beyond the Pines & Scary Movie 5

See You Next Wednesday turns 60, and we have the grey hairs to prove it!

This week it was Winner’s Choice – so Greg and Dan saw The Place Beyond the Pines and Upstream Color respectively. Casey lost, so he suffered through the delightfully horrible Scary Movie 5.

Plus we talk music, Prison Break, and more!

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  • James Cain

    Putting a vote in for 24. The show that invented “shout whispering” and runs on a time-based gimmick but refuses to follow any basic rules of time and space and features the most traffic free, citizen free American metropolises that you will ever see. Also the accidental racism is through the roof.

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  • Alexandra West

    You guys should do Fringe after you finish Prison Break.

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