See You Next Wednesday

Episode 51 – Side Effects & Stand Up Guys

See You Next Wednesday has recovered from turning 50, and is back with another episode packed full of hilarity.

We’re taking a look at the Hitchcock-esque thiller Side Effects, as well as the the unsurprisingly terrible Stand Up Guys. Plus, everyone’s favourite new feature: Prison Break Corner!

Will Dan lose another roll? Who will win this week’s Hero Swap Cage Match? Listen in and find out!

(Here’s the link Dan speaks of in this episode to purchase the Wizard Video VHS collection.)

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  • Athena Plasticina

    Fisher Stevens was married to Michelle Pfeiffer not Uma Thurman.

    Reply to Athena Plasticina
  • James Cain

    Finally I get the other side of the conversation I was too ashamed to have back in the day.

    Reply to James Cain
  • See You Next Wednesday

    Haha, a Prison Break Corner Spin-off Spectacular?

    Reply to See You Next Wednesday
  • Tom Ralston

    Listen to the people… Hour long Prison Break spin-off. Or at least a special?

    Reply to Tom Ralston

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