See You Next Wednesday

Episode 42 – Man of Steel Trailer / Devil’s Dynamite & Mötley Crüe / Life of Pi & Playing For Keeps

In Episode 42 of See You Next Wednesday, we dive in and talk about the latest trailer for Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel.

Then, we check out a different kind of vampire in Godfrey Ho‘s Z-grade martial arts flick Devil’s Dynamite before listening to a little Mötley Crüe.

Plus, we rolled to see who had to suffer through Playing For Keeps and who gets to see a movie of their choice, and the fruits of that labour are ripe for the listenin’! Check it out!

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  • See You Next Wednesday

    No problem, we had a blast!

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  • Secret Screening Room

    Thanks for the nice words this week guys. I’m really glad you made it out and had such a great time. You perfectly summed up the tone that we’re going for with this whole event series.

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