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Episode 40 – Hitchcock & Rise of the Guardians / Number One With A Bullet & Michael Jackson’s Bad

See You Next Wednesday turns 40 today! That’s right, we’ve hit old age and we’re here to grump out over an album and a movie from 25 years ago — this week it’s the Cannon Films “masterpiece” Number One with a Bullet and Michael Jackson‘s album Bad.

Then, we get into Film Roulette and check out the biopic Hitchcock, and the over-stuffed stocking that is Rise of the Guardians.

All that, plus so much more on our 40th episode spectacular!

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  • James Cain

    Also I may leave if there is any more baby rape banter. It’s not that it wasn’t done hilariously and fortunately coming out against baby rape and the movies that encourage it, it’s that I couldn’t explain how funny the conversation was to anyone without them looking disgusted at me and walking away. …which to be fair is how most of my conversations end.

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  • James Cain

    Wait. Am I the one fan? That was a shockingly accurate impression of me.

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