This week on the podcast, we celebrate our 300th episode by… talking about a bunch of movie stuff! Greg and Dan won the roll last week, and as such they have their Winner’s Choice of movies to watch. Greg circles back on Lady Bird and Dan joins in to talk about how great that movie is, and why specifically the coming of age film resonates so strongly. Then, Dan logged-on to Netflix and watched a new piece of “content” from them called The Good Place. This thriller-horror doesn’t quite make the grade, and he tells you why. Finally, Casey stayed home and got the chills when he watched The Snowman as punishment this week.

Before any of this, we talk about the surprise movie trailer for Dundee (and whether or not it’s a real thing) plus the new Rampage trailer. Also, we dive into what we’ve been watching, which includes Annabelle: Creation, The Florida Project, and much more.

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