This week on the podcast, Dan got scuuurrrrred in theaters with Boo 2! A Madea Halloween – does it hold up against the previous Madea Halloween film? Is it simultaneously wonderful, awful, confusing, and more? He’ll let you know, meanwhile Casey and Greg got confused by Amityville Asylum at home. You’ll hear a lot about how excited you should be when you find out you have become a janitor, as well as ridiculous accents but not so much about ghosts. Also, how do you pronounce Amityville? You may be surprised.

Then we check out Ganksta NIP’s The South Park Psycho and wake up dead in a cat’s head sitting in rat piss? You’ll understand later.

Before any of that, we dive into the latest Stephen King adaptations – plus some older ones too. Sometimes They Come Back, 1922, Gerald’s Game, and more. Get listening!

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